Croatia is more than just beaches, national parks and islands. It is a magical, exquisite and magnificent gift of nature.

 It is blessed with around 8 national parks out of which Plitvice Lakes National Park is listed as UNESCO World Heritage site, more than 700 islands and crystal clear lakes evidencing that our planet is a wonderful place and should always be preserved. The sheer diversity of Croatia ensures that there is something for everyone! So whether you are a nature lover, photographer, party animal, young family, traveller or a hiker or all of them, you would simply fall in love with untamed and well preserved beauty of Croatia!

Croatia is more about enjoying on foot and (at least around the natural beauties). Abundance of fresh and crisp mountain air and breath taking beauty will make you realise how beautiful the world is! When soothing chirpings of bird, sounds of waterfalls, smooth waves and crunching of leaves underfoot will enter your ear, you will feel relaxed leaving behind all the worries and tensions in your life. As you wander along, its natural beauty will leave you in awe!

The islands of Croatia sing a unique story of themes! For instance, Susak Island is for kite flyers, Rab is island of buckets and spades, Murter is for Festivals, Solta is for Hiking and cycling, Hvar is for Hedonists and families and similarly there are islands specific for food lovers, romance lovers and sunbathers too! The unexploited beauty of these islands with sparkling water and gaze at cliffs and green hills over them is a wonderful experience in itself! Living so near to nature for few days is blissfully peaceful and thus islands in Croatia are not worth neglecting!

 Plitvice Lake is like representation of heaven. With water so still and clear that you can see your reflection, walkways over the turquoise water amid the lake and forests give you a fish-eye view of lakes and falls. The water looks divine as it changes the shade of blue and green colour according to sunlight and endless rainbows just add to the experience. Apart from Plitvice, there are many other national parks famous for different reasons like Risnjak, Krka, Mljet, Kornati and many others which have water sports and other attractions.

Croatia should be on everybody’s travel bucket list. Its pious beauty is incomparable and everybody should at least once reward oneself with this gift of beauty! Once you visit this place, it is not difficult to see why people say it’s hard to leave from here! Beaches, festivals, seafood and abundance of beauty evidences that Croatia offers contributes towards most diverse wildlife of Europe and everything is stunningly beautiful.  

If you’re planning to visit Croatia (all you need to do is to look for pictures of its major attractions after reading this post!) then you should live there even if you are going for a day! Although a day is very less to appreciate the natural beauty of Croatia! High quality Croatia Property is available on rent at In this tourism oriented country of Europe, you should inhale and admire every inch of beauty by living there by hiring property in Croatia on Rent.


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